Monday, November 27, 2006

A Couple Birthmoms

November 27, 2006
Our caseworker, Angela, called me at the office this afternoon to let me know about two potiential birthmoms. (It's funny- just yesterday, Calvin said, "I bet Angela will call us next week after Thanksgiving!") She gave me an overview of their situations, and wanted to know if we were willing to have our books shown. She needed to know our decision by later this afternoon, since she is leaving soon on a business trip (amidst the new snow that has fallen upon many areas of Oregon!). So, when Calvin got off work, we talked it over. We decided we would agree to be shown to both moms, so Calvin called Angela, and let her know. One mom is 6-months pregnant, and the other mom is due at the end of January. Please be praying for these two women as they begin meeting with their counselors, and making decisions.


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