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December 6, 2006
I spent this morning fasting & praying, as we waited for a call from Angela. At 12:30 pm, my office phone rang, and she said the words we have been waiting to hear: "Michele, you're a mom! She chose you!" Angela told me that there was a baby girl waiting all alone in a Washington hospital room for us, and that we needed to go get her as quickly as possible!

I immediately called Calvin at work, but the "phone Nazi" didn't want to let me talk to him. After much insistence that was getting nowhere, I finally said, "Well, can you please tell him that he's having a baby today?!" (And then she abruptly hung up on me in her surprise.) Thankfully, the news quickly reached Calvin, and he called me back.

Angela instructed me to go get groceries for the next week, as we would need to stay in Washington until the interstate compact paperwork went through. So, I went to the Target just down the block from my office, and raced around throwing items in my cart. Half an hour later, I pushed a shopping cart to my car, full of who-knows-what. (You mean my brain is supposed to function, and rationally plan a week's worth of meals, and compare prices right now?)

We spent the next couple hours throwing things in our suitcases, installing the carseat, making phone calls, and putting a hold on our mail. We picked up Subway sandwiches, and tried to stay within the speed limit, as we headed up to Washington. After a few wrong turns, we made it to our destination!

We had arranged to meet Colleen, a Washington caseworker, at her hotel, so we parked in the lot, rolled down our window, and greeted the gray-haired lady waiting in the car next to us. "Hi, Colleen!" She smiled, and said "Hi!" {slight pause} "Well, we're here!" {slight pause} Then the lady spoke again: "Um, are you lost?" (So, you're not Colleen, huh?) Just then, the REAL Colleen parked alongside us, and laughed hilariously at the situation along with us. (The lady just rolled up her car window.)

She led us to the hospital (in such a rush that we accidentally left the camera in the car), and we attempted to enter the hospital at 10:45 pm. We ended up needing to be escorted by a security guard from the ER up to the OB floor. During the walk, we found out that he had adopted two kids, and Colleen had adopted nine!

When we reached the OB department, we saw a doctor in burgundy scrubs holding a quilted bundle. We hopefully asked, "Is that our baby?" He laughed and said, "I don't know, I just picked up this crying baby!" (Yes, it was our baby!) The nurses quickly ushered us into room #207, where we finally came face to face with our little miracle. In the otherwise empty hospital room, her bassinet sat under the TV, which was quietly playing "Miracle on 34th St."

Our little princess was laid there amongst her quilts in her donated pink romper, capturing us immediately with her bright eyes, lovely dark locks of hair, and intent spirit. We spent the next surreal couple of hours cuddling her, feeding her a bottle, and changing her diaper. Dearest one, we loved you before we knew you, and now that we know you, we love you just because you're you. We praise God for faithfully fulfilling His promise in uniting us with you, and we pray for His anointing upon you.

This evening we bestowed a new name upon our daughter: Genevieve Lynn. This name is reminiscent of our journey; God met with us many times as we watched stormy waves crashing on blustery coasts, stood in awe of waterfalls, and rested by peaceful rivers, as He inspired us along in our journey, and called us to step "out of the boat." "Genevieve" means "white wave", and "Lynn" means "waterfall or river." Lynn was also chosen to honor many dear family members and friends, as well as her nickname "Jennylyn" in honor of a precious friend, who embodies our dreams for our daughter. (Although the much-esteemed football favorite, Lynn Swan, has since been suggested as a possible inspiration as well...)

We returned to the hotel, where we attempted to find a room for an undetermined number of days. The night-shift clerk quickly endeared herself to us, as she told us of the joy she has in celebrating life with her grandchildren on a daily basis. As soon as she found out why we had walked in her doors, she said "I'm a Christian, and I want to help you!" She explaned that her new manager trusted her, and she proceeded to give us every discount in the books! We "ended up" with the only room available... with two queen-sized beds, a sitting area, and a small "kitchenette." We had plenty of room for all of our luggage, groceries, and the baby bed!

We spent a restless night in room #343, already keenly feeling the separation from our baby girl. Calvin whispered her name in his sleep, while Michele awaited morning's arrival.


Blogger Catherine said...

Hi Michelle,

I am so very excited for you!

I found your blog a looong time ago and then had misplaced my link to it. What a blessing it was to find it tonight and read the celebration story of God bringing you and Genevieve together in December! Praising God with you!

Would love to hear how it's going.

Blessings, Catherine

Thu Jan 18, 05:33:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Michelle said...

Whew that brought tears to my eyes. Praise God for his blessings.

Fri Aug 29, 08:52:00 AM 2008  

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